Ways to Increase Visibility: Feature Your Latest Photo at the Top.

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Image Quality and Relevance:

Choose high-quality images that are clear, well-composed, and relevant to the topic.
Ensure the image is directly related to the content on the page where it’s hosted.

Image File Name:

Use descriptive and relevant filenames that include keywords related to the image and its context. Avoid generic file names like “image123.jpg.”

Alt Text:

Write a concise and descriptive alt text for the image. Alt text helps search engines understand the content of the image, and it’s important for accessibility.

Page Context:

Ensure the image is placed within a webpage that provides relevant content and context. The surrounding text should support the image’s topic.

Page Optimization:

Optimize the webpage where the image is hosted for relevant keywords and topics. This can help improve the overall ranking of the page and its associated images.

Page Load Speed:

Optimize your website’s performance to ensure that images load quickly. Google takes page load speed into account when ranking images.

Mobile Friendliness:

Make sure your website and images are optimized for mobile devices, as mobile usability is an important factor for Google’s rankings.

Image Sitemap:

Create and submit an image sitemap to Google using Google Search Console. This helps Google discover and index your images more efficiently.

Engagement Signals:

Encourage users to engage with your image by sharing, linking to it, or viewing it on your webpage. Positive user engagement can contribute to higher rankings.

Structured Data (Schema Markup):

Use structured data markup, such as ImageObject schema, to provide additional context to search engines about the image and its related content.


Acquire high-quality backlinks to the webpage containing the image. Backlinks from authoritative and relevant sources can positively impact your image’s ranking.

Social Sharing:

Share your image on social media platforms and relevant online communities. Social signals can indirectly influence image rankings.

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